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Our local mushrooms are in restaurants, farmer's markets and independent grocery stores. 


At the farm we focus on growing the finest gourmet mushrooms all the while practicing organic, sustainable agriculture.  Farm fresh mushrooms are delivered daily in the Charlotte and surrounding areas providing our consumers a true farm to table experience. 

Grey Oyster
Grey Oyster mushrooms are our most popular mushroom. These mushrooms have a mild taste with a slight odor similar to anise and are used in various cuisines. Sauteed, they are a delicious accompaniment to most dishes and an excellent meat substitute in recipes.
Yellow Oyster
The Yellow Oyster has a flavor profile similar to the other oyster mushrooms. Arguably one of the prettiest mushrooms that we grow; these beauties do not last long at the farmers market.
Shiitakes are the second most popular variety grown.. These are very popular in asian cuisine and have a strong woodsy flavor. Shiitake are also finding their way into modern recipes and are fantastic on a burger.
Maitake or "Hen of the Woods" is the latest specialty mushroom in our growroom. In addition to being very flavorful they also have an assortment of health benefits.
Lion's Mane
The Lion's Mane or "Pom Pom" was one of the first specialty mushrooms that we cultivated. When cooked these mushrooms have a texture similar to seafood and are prized by chefs.
King Oyster/ Trumpet
Trumpets are one of our favorites and a favorite of chefs around the city. With their firm texture coupled with a rich savory flavor when cooked these mushrooms can be a hearty side dish to most proteins, or can stand alone as the main course. Trumpets are also great on the grill.
Firm textured with a mildly sweet, nutty taste, beech can be incorporated into a broad range of recipes from soups and sauces to stir-fries.
Specialty Varieties
As we expand, expect to see other specialty varieties.
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Specialty Varieties

As we expand, expect to see other specialty varieties.